Our training is currently done on the grades basis. We are in the process of changing to the NQF system whereby students can register for a full National Qualification which will take about 10 months to complete.

Our current courses can be done on a Home study or a full 5 day's course basis. With Home study, you only register for the exam and can do all the learning in your own time at home, with a facilitator only a phone call away.

Exams are taken down by our fully qualified and registered Assessors. 

With our Full time courses, you'll have to attend our training center for 5 full days where our facilitator will guide you through the whole syllabus and you will have to write an exam on the last day. 

Courses currently presented are:        

Grade "E" - Basic security

Grade "D" - Access control office security

Grade "C" - Security Supervisor

Grade "B" - Management

Armed Reaction for alarm company personnel

Specialised Security supervisory training

Special events for security officers at sport matches or festivals 

We also provide in-house training to different companies in specific fields.