The security operations are seen as the physical measures conducted by the security teams on a specific site and this segment of the concept includes physical security, loss-control and special operations.


Technology has become an integral part of operations. This includes the designing and developing of a system/s that would suit the needs of customers, the physical installation of the technical and electronic equipment as well as the maintenance of such equipment / systems.


Monitoring, may it be site specific monitoring, alarm monitoring, response or normal supervision is possibly the most important control measure that one has within the security industry. KB Special Eye Holdings has the ability to ensure central control as a principle of risk management through its operations centre.


This role would be enhanced by the management capacity, the day to day deployment vehicles, armed response teams as well as inter-site support.


KB Special Eye Holdings consultancy is a combination of specialized services provided by in-house and sub-contracted specialists. The services either supplement existing business thereby making the services more comprehensive and tailor-made or provide for a specific individual need.